Box Braids Takedown: Tangles, Knots, and More

Hey Daizies!

Box braid season has come to end for me. It’s been a fun an carefree summer rocking my braids but I’m excited to play with my hair until the next protective style. My goal with this takedown was to have minimal hair shedding and less struggle with loosening up the knots that form towards the base of my hair when the braids are out. Here are some tips and advice to keep in mind when it’s time for you to take down your braids or twists.

Taking down braids is no speedy task. When dealing with your hair you never want to rush the process. It took about 2 sessions, one at night and the next day, to completely finish my hair.

To add some moisture to my hair, I dampened my hair with water while still in braids. I liked doing this because there were portions of my ends already exposed and it helped to add some water to loose up tangles that may have formed.

The main test of patience came when all of my braids were taken down and I was left with knotted strands from product build up. To maintain that your edges still exist after getting the knot out make the entire strand wet with water. Then apply a conditioner with slip (I used Aussie Moist’s 3 Minute Miracle) directly to the tangled section and massage the tangle slowly. I did this for a few seconds and the knots loosened up quite easily. This method was way better than taking a rat tailed come and stabbing through the middle of the knot ( I can’t believe I did that before lol).

I achieved my goal of minimal hair shedding and didn’t need to cut any tangles out. So the next time you’re taking down your hair, make sure you have time, water, and conditioner!


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