Cinque Terre… Most Beautiful Place on Earth

If you are ever anywhere near Italy, you should definitely visit Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre serves flawless postcard views and eye-popping colors in each of the 5 towns. I went to Cinque Terre in early September when it was still super hot and humid. The beach water felt even more heavenly after long days of walking and hiking.

Corniglia Beach is a less touristy area which was where my hostel was located. I really loved this beach because it’s one that is still very beautiful but also quiet and peaceful. This was the beach I was trying to record myself going into the water and ended up slipping down the rock! Saved my phone and no injuries (lol). The waves are very strong so be sure to slowly get into the water and don’t fight the waves.This town had the cheapest and largest gelato for the price  (3 euros for a medium cone AND a little small wafer thing on the top). I discovered my favorite combination which is stracciatella (vanilla and chocolate chip) and chocolate. I’ve been getting this flavor ever since!

Serene views at Corniglia

Manarola was the town with my favorite views and is the feature image of this post. The beach here was so cool because there were little tiny fish that swam along with me. It felt very much like a resort or something. I stayed in the water on and off for about 2 hours and it was a very relaxing day.

Dubs up at Monterola!

Riomaggiore was the only city I didn’t swim in but it had some great pastel building photo opportunities as well.


Vernazza hike from Corniglia was the biggest work out I’ve had in a while. It was about an 1 hour and a half hike from Corniglia and I felt very proud of myself for making it up and down the hills of the mountainside.


Monterosso al Mare was the more crowded town considered it is the main train station destination. Still, I had a great time at the beach and took more pictures.

Rocky view of Monterosso waters

All together it was a very relaxing trip. The location isn’t one with tons of landmarks that you are rushing to see. Literally just beautiful views, beaches, and gelato!


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