Being in Berlin


Germany  was on my list but it was really between Munich or Berlin. I happened to go to Berlin on my first stop of fall break travel week. When I first got to Berlin, I felt like I had stepped foot in Antarctic. It was so cold! I had flashbacks to the days in Illinois when the snow was up to my knee caps and they STILL made us go to school (lol). I was equipped for Milan weather, only wearing a leather jacket, but I soon found a heavier winter style jacket at the Primark store which took me hours to exit.

One thing I really love about Berlin was the food. Everything I ate I was very satisfied with. I had completely given up on burgers in Italy, unless they were from McDonald’s, because the meat was just too squishy and undercooked. But in Germany, all of the meats were fresh and perfectly made. I had the best burger ever at this restaurant called Burgermeister. The fries were excellent too! Another food favorite were the Bratwursts from the many Currywurst stands. I loved the abundance of good meats and pommes (fries).

They were tons of museums and historical sites in Berlin, most notably the Berlin Wall. Germany played a critical role in world relations in the 20th century and visiting the museums there gave me much more knowledge of what things were like for those affected. Coming to Berlin I expected the Berlin Wall specific place, but portions of the wall could be found in various places like the East Side Gallery, Museum of Terror, and Checkpoint Charlie.

I got over the weather by wearing layers! I soon grew accustomed to wearing a sweatshirt, leather jacket, AND trench coat which saved me from freezing. Overall I would go back to Germany and experience more great food, culture, and shopping.


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