Every Hair Product I Own| A Guide for Shopping for Natural Hair Products

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Taking inventory of all of the hair products I had under the sink was something I always wanted to do when I had time. It was equivalent to something like “oh maybe I’ll maybe I’ll finally dust the window blinds” or something of that nature except more fun. In the weeks leading up to my first paycheck from my full time job, I was so excited about all of the hair products I could finally buy. I would finally have enough to spend a little bit more just trying new products and seeing what works best.

My full collection of natural hair products

After a few months, these products accumulated. I  tried a variety of different products and even brands. As 2018 wraps up, it’s also a great time to note which products I’m interested in restocking  for 2019. This post would be super long if I reviewed every single product shown so I will just provide a link for you to purchase from Amazon and a brief description of how I group my hair products.  Many products I have done reviews for such as: Shea Moisture Mask for High Porosity Hair,

I’ll put a * next to products I’ll buy again in the future.

Shampoos: Cleansers, Regular Shampoos

When looking for a shampoo I always make sure there are no sulfates, parabens, or other harmful ingredients. I shop for shampoos that have clarifying ingredients and ones that will relieve itchiness. It’s great to have a staple shampoo as well. My staple shampoo is the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle which I get directly from Trader Joe’s. All of the ingredients are natural and I love the tingle feeling on my scalp. I’ve only tried the Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3,6,9 shampoo once and it seemed to work fine.T

Conditioners: Leave-In Conditioners, Deep Conditioners, Masques

I have probably 3 times as many conditioners as shampoos. This is because I use shampoo twice a month and deep condition every single week. I like to make sure I have a thick masque for intense moisture, one I can use for any time, and I look for conditioners that target specific issues such as itchiness/dry scalp, which is why I found the Shea Moisture African black soap conditioner so helpful. The Suave conditioner serves as a “holy grail”, a product that hasn’t failed me, so I make sure I always have this in stock. Curl smoothies and leave-ins are both interchangeable to me in the categories of stylers and conditioners. Depending on the moisture level and thickness of the products, a curl smoothie or curl defining cream can work as a leave-in conditioner.

Styling Creams: Curl Smoothies, Puddings, Moisturizers, Leave-In Conditioners

I love a great twist or braid out, so a great product with hold and moisture that defines and elongates these styles is crucial. I like to try products with essential oils and ingredients I haven’t tried before such as red palm oil, blueberry abstract, and cocoa butter. One thing I’ve learned is to read what the directions are for the product and whether it says to use on wet or dry hair. This determines just how often I’ll be able to use the product considering I don’t style my hair directly after wash day. 

Butters and Oils: Sealants, Essential Oils

Thick butters and oils are necessary for my hair to seal all of the moisture I’m putting into my hair. It’s the last step of my moisturizing routine and it’s helpful in maintaining manageable for my hair and combating dryness. 

I have my sights set on finishing most of these products before doing a new haul. It’ll probably take a while to finish them since I plan to have my hair in protective styles, with breaks in between, until the spring. Feel free to ask me any questions about the products listed and provide suggestions for new things you think I should try!

Check out my new natural hair planner Curl Calendar here.

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