Introducing Curl Calendar 2019 | Printable Planner for All of Your Natural Hair Goals

Greetings Daizies,

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my very first product, Curl Calendar. Curl Calendar is a printable planner with the emphasis of organizing and staying accountable to your hair health and goals. I love planners, organization materials, and to-do lists. Combining my knack for planning and natural hair meshed together to create Curl Calendar. This is an idea I’ve had for a long time and I said you know what, an idea will just be an idea if I don’t push forward and make things happen.  As the New Year rolls around, I’m very happy to have a planner to help others think of their natural hair care process the same way we do with other things in life.

Truly Taking Things DaibyDai

This 12 month planner was created to keep daily maintenance, styling, wash day, and moisturizing activities ingrained into the busy schedules a lot of us have. Each week of Curl Calendar has a checklist of key hair activities for thriving natural hair. Add the activities beneficial to your specific hair type and needs to your daily planner and check them off as you go. Extra lines are included to customize your routine accordingly.

Each calendar month comes with hair tips and information on beneficial way to learn more about your hair and level up your routine.

Hair Goals

With any goal it is important to check in with yourself to reflect, redirect, or readjust those goals.  At the beginning of the year, write down all of your hair goals and how you plan on reaching them. This will help to think about what types of habits and routines are needed to realistically attain the results you wish for. Every 3 months, there is an opportunity to revisit your goals stated at the beginning of the year and audit how you’ve been progressing towards them.


Where to Buy

Visit my new Etsy store at DaibyDai and click the Curl Calendar listing. This is a digital download, which allows for an instant delivery straight to your finger tips. It can be printed in either color or black/white. This planner is all about YOU and YOUR hair so feel free to add it to your folders, binders, or even hole punch the sides to add to your own booklet. Head on over to DaibyDai on Etsy and give it a huge heart. Get in formation and ready to stay consistent with your hair regimen and goals.

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