Vienna and Let’s go to Hungary Since I’m Always Hungry


While not initially excited to go to Vienna, Austria I was surprised to see as much vibrancy as I did during my two days there. If you like museums, art, and palaces, Vienna would be a good place for you to visit. On my first night there, I found crowds of people waiting in the Museum Quarter area. There was a countdown on the Kunsthisorishces Museum and when the time ran out I soon found out it was a cute light show animation played on the museum building.

The next day was filled with visiting the Belvedere Castle and Schonbrunn Castle. Never in my life have I looked at an ETA that was over an hour by foot and continued walking lol. Both castles were nice but the Schonbrunn Castle is a must-see! The garden went on and on. Lots of opportunities to take beautiful pictures!

I was really excited to visit the Austrian National Library but coming to find out, it costs just to get in the actual library! Pictures from the outside just had to suffice.

The next and final stop of my Central European trip was Buduapest,Hungary. By this time, I was just ready to get back to Milan but pushed through for the next adventure. Budapest was interesting. Do not stay at a party hostel! I feel like I might’ve liked Budapest a little more if I had a better hostel situation. But anyways, I spent the day following “Things to do in Budapest” guide on Google. I visited the Hungarian Parliament building, Shoes on the Danube River, Chain Bridge, and the Buda Castle. After seeing all of these, it was about time to come home to Milan and I was so happy to be back in Italy.