Product Review: Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Mask and Curl Control Jelly

Greetings Daizies,

In the spirit of 2018 and trying new haircare products, I dove into a new brand for me called Curls. This was my first time with a full-sized product from Curls, with my first encounter of the brand being in 2015 with a trial sized bottle of the Creme-Brule. I really liked the cream back then but moved on to trying new products in my journey. The brand has grown since then and can be found in many stores and has a huge presence and display at Target.

Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask

Now the name of the line Blueberry Bliss got me to thinking… “Are there hair benefits to blueberries?” Because I have a whole little package of blueberries that I could get to mixing with some shea butter if that’s the case (lol). Blueberry extract is rich in antioxidants and aids in stimulating hair growth.It has “certified Organic Blueberry extract”, aloe vera juice, chamomile extract and claims to “soften, detangle, moisturize, and hydrate your curls”. I was attracted to this product because of it’s “reparative” elements and really wanted a mask that offered intensive moisturizing.

First Touch

When I opened the jar and went for my first scoop, I loved that it was firm yet smooth. It was like when you set out a jar of ice cream to unthaw a little and so it’s still firm, but slides onto the spoon easily when you’re ready to start scooping. Immediately I was impressed by it’s texture and thickness. For my 4c dry-prone hair, it is critical that I have a thick and buttery deep conditioner or mask to fully coat my strands.

First Smell

The blueberry scent really sets this product apart from the noise of shea butter and coconut oil smelling products that can sometimes blend together. It was a very unique smell that could make a really good lotion or body wash.

Applying the Mask

After doing an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, which I did on Facebook Live (check out my DaibyDai FB page), my hair was damp and only dried with a cotton t-shirt. I separated my hair  into fourths with hair balls (or hair ties, whatever you like to call them) and began coating small layers of my hair with the mask. I started by massaging the cream onto my scalp, then applying a heavy amount to my ends and then to the rest of my hair. I used a wide tooth comb to detangle but also spread the cream evenly onto my hair. The cream is very thick, so I found it super useful to use a comb during this process. After about 45 minutes, I was done applying the mask and covered my hair with a bag. For further deep conditioning I used my heated deep conditioning cap. Adding heat to conditioning helps to :

  • Stimulate blood flow within the scalp (this is why scalp massages are so beneficial)
  • Allow moisture to penetrate each hair strand (very helpful with highly porous hair)

The Result

Afterwards my hair felt very loose and detangled and quite soft. I was happy with the results overall.

Hair Fully Saturated w/ Mask

Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly

I’m not too fond of jellies and I don’t think I was too fond of this one overall. I used right after washing out the mask and followed with a leave-in conditioner. My mistake was not sealing with a heavy oil. I think the jelly kind of left a drying feeling.¬† It claims to offer” curl definition and hold”. I saw neither tbh. I applied the gel and then twisted my hair into 8 large sections. My curl pattern remained as if I applied no product at all. I will try the jelly again on second day washed hair and see if I find different results with using an oil afterwards. I’ll also see how it works with twists, as I plan to twist my hair tonight and wear it like that for a few days.

*Edit: I used the control jelly for a braided low bun and it had great hold for my edges and fly-aways. So I liked it for a control gel for styling actually.

As always there are hits and misses even within the same hair product line. The mask word well for me, not so much with the curl control jelly. Try it out for yourself because what works or doesn’t work for one person may be different for the next.

Thank you for checking out my latest product review!

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Let’s Talk Straight Hair | My First Silk Press!

Hey Daizies!

It’s been almost 2 months but I still wanted to recap my experience getting my hair straightened for the first time since being natural. Following through with my curiosity of getting my hair silk pressed took about 5 months. Around January I was really interested in seeing my length with my fro fully straightened. My worst fear was heat damage and I would get really close to straightening it then change my mind at the thought of horror stories I’d heard. Plus, I didn’t want to straighten my hair during the cold winter months when rain could fall from the sky any moment. But when spring had arrived and I had done my research to find a stylist near me with experience styling natural hair, I was finally ready for my first silk press!

If you have thick natural hair, be prepared to be in the salon all day lol! The process took about 4 hours so I’m glad I chose a Friday which is when I had no class. I got my hair washed, deep conditioned, and a well needed trim! I do now see the value in getting my hair professionally trimmed. Since my big chop in 2015, I have been trimming my own hair. At the salon, my hair was fully blown out and I could definitely see that there was way more portions of split ends that I couldn’t see when trimmed in twists. About an inch and a half was cut. I was a little sad because when my hair was about armpit length but I know cutting those split ends would be for the best. I was now slightly below collarbone length but my hair looked and felt so healthy! Deep conditioning every week and moisturizing every day definitely paid off. Compared to when my hair was straight during relaxer days, it felt thicker and silkier.

I LOVED my silk press and couldn’t stop swinging my hair when I got out of the salon. It felt very different with a lighter load on my shoulder lol.

FullSizeRender (2)
Fresh trim!


I kept the silk press for 15 days. After a few days, I used leave-in conditioner and literally within a few seconds I could feel my roots start to revert. I blow dried the roots to preserve the style and learned absolutely no water based product could be used. I moisturized my hair with coconut oil instead.

After a week and a half I couldn’t wait to wash my hair and couldn’t stop scratching the middle of my scalp. When this happens, using ACV (apple cider vinegar) is so help and cleanses the bacteria and dirt as well as helps balance the pH balance of the scalp. The moment of truth was seeing my hair revert and making sure I had no heat damage. I mixed conditioner and water in a spray bottle and began spraying my hair in sections. During the 3 seconds of not immediately seeing my texture revert my heart started beating so fast in a panic lol. But after a few sprays and after 5-10 minutes, I saw my curls come back to life and I was so relieved!

I’m so happy I finally followed through with getting my hair silk pressed. I did it on my own time and it felt great. Getting the trim was so beneficial. I had some vicious fairy knots and tangles but afterwards my hair didn’t have such tangles and problematic ends. I plan on investing in a quality blow dryer to trim my hair while completely stretched at least every 3 months. I don’t plan on getting my hair silk pressed more than 1-2 a year but could play with some straight hair wigs to get the same look. Hooray for my first silk press and no heat damage!