Summer Fitness 2017 Goals

Greetings Daizies!

Last time I blogged, I was preparing for a deep condition before my first silk press (which I’ll do a blog post on soon). Since then, I finished finals and started a full-time internship in advertising.  After my first full 8 hour work day, I was so exhausted when I got home and was wondering how I would survive the whole summer. I was so tired coming home that all I wanted to do was sleep. I then started to incorporate going to the gym, in order to make my summer more fun and not simply working and sleeping every single day.

Fitness started to become part of my summer routine and now it is week 3 of my new life-style. I started going to the YMCA near my house and have participated in weekly Zumba, Pilates, and Strength & Conditioning classes. I enjoy group fitness classes because it’s structured and also pushes me to try keeping up with the instructor during class. So far I have successfully worked out at the gym 3 times each week which is a huge accomplishment for me considering going that often was always a goal during the school year. After going to one of the fitness classes or even working out individually on the elliptical or free weights, I noticed I have so much more energy.

My quantitative goals with becoming more active is to loose 1 pound a week until school starts (so about 15 pounds). When I came back from studying abroad, I had lost 11 pounds without even trying. I really liked my lifestyle I had when being abroad simply because I was always walking and ate way better than I did when I was home. I hoped to keep up the healthy eating but after a quarter of the year away from BBQ chips, Jimmy John’s, Charley’s Steakery and more, it was hard to not indulge in my favorite junk foods lol. Anyways, I kinda went overboard and combined with being less active during the school year and not counting on walking 10 miles each weekend for travelling, weight gain came back faster than I imagined. I realize that now and want to make a change. I can’t continue in my twenties eating 2 giant bowls of cocoapuffs every other day and wonder why I’m gaining more weight than normal lol.

A healthier diet is also important for my overall health goals.  I’ve cut out sugary drinks and replaced them with cucumber water. CUCUMBER WATER IS AMAZING! Like seriously I am having no trouble drinking 4+ bottles of water of day just by adding 3 cucumber slices. The extra flavor is everything. Some of the benefits are that it helps with weight loss (drinking more makes you feel full), its rich in antioxidants, and supports healthy skin. I’m adding more nutritional value to my diet by eating healthy snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, and bananas instead of hot Cheetos and Swiss Rolls lol. Just taking it step by step ….day by day literally. But every now in there I do give myself a treat 😉

My other healthy goals is to become stronger and  be able to lift heavier weights. Right now I stick to the 3lb weight during classes and I want to work my way up.  I’m learning more about health and fitness via other blogs and articles but all together it’s really fun being more active and having another goal to reach. I’m excited to make it to the finish line!




Entering the World of a Working Career Woman

Simmer Sixteen is finally here, and I am getting my first taste of what its like to truly be on my own. I landed an internship at a Fortune 500 company and literally having the 9 to 5 life. All the people on the planet- working that 9 to 5 just to stay alive, that 9 to 5 just to stay alive *Beyonce voice*.

While studying for finals wasn’t exactly the best thing in the world, I was lowkey dreading and nervous about life living alone and working. No matter how much I wished time would just pause, it never really did and here I am still trying to get my sleeping scheduled configured to a normal setting.  With the first few day, I would say I am still adjusting. Not coming home to any roommates, family, or even a cat felt quite isolated.I flipped through channels on the tv and movies on Netflix but was bored out of my mind after work. WOW, people really do this? How do people even have time for a social life after working a full 8 hour shift? I was literally so tired and thought ahead to my goal of being a working career woman while also having a family. Big props to the women that do it, I have a long ways to go !

Determined not to be bound to my residence after work, I purchased a handy dandy bus pass. Yay now time to explore. Admittedly exploring cities in WA is no where near excited as my time in London, but it got me more excited for my future excursion in Milan! It was a first step. I can’t see myself just working and coming home for the rest of the summer lol. So I plan to continue to go on adventures and learn some new skills outside of work. For starters I finally figured out this blog process of mapping my domain, so yay progress! Last summer I started my own blog and was really excited about it. Then the school year came along and naturally I had less and less time to blog. But let’s try this again:)

So for now, I am learning how to accept change and be okay with being alone. I can’t always be around people familiar and people won’t always be available to Facetime, call, and text me. So I have to embrace my own company and become comfortable with being on my own . Being on my own doesn’t mean I’m alone.

Hello Weruyld!

Oh yay this is my first post!

It’s summer time and I have a LOT of free time. After many weeks of considering starting my own blog , I finally just did it! So cheers to snatching the edges of procrastination. For this blog I’m just going to use it to get the thoughts out of my head in the old fashion written way. I feel like I have such fire advice and life experiences and this is a new and cool way to express them. Eventually my blog will be used daily when I study abroad in the next 6 weeks *counting down the days* but until then I’ll post about the main things I get excited about : natural hair, my cat, TV Shows, food, setting new goals, and personal growth.


Gossip Girl

No I’m kidding but I just had to do that.